How it works

Whether you want to discover Brno or you don't want to disrupt your training during your holidays — we know the best running routes past the tourist sights and hidden gems in town. A friendly and experienced local runner will be your running buddy for the day. You set the time and the pace.

Meeting point

Your run starts and ends at "The Giraffe" (see our logo) in the very city center. Actually, it is an 8m tall horse statue in front of the Moravian Gallery/Church of St. Thomas. Very easy to find, you can't miss it!


This is completely up to you. As all our tours are private, we go at your pace the whole time since we want you to fully enjoy the run. Our tours are equally for beginners as well as for marathon athletes.


We offer designed tours but of course we can tailor each itinerary to your wishes, just let us know what your running preferences are. No extra charges as long as the run doesn't exceed 2 hours.


Though summers can be very hot and winters snowy we don't cancel our runs due to the weather. The only reason to cancel the tour would be frozen streets and pathways. As long as you don't hear from us we are ready.


In case you get sick or your plans change, please contact us as soon as possible in order to cancel or arrange another day for the run. If your running buddy drops out and no other guide is available we'll contact you immediately.


Request a booking through our booking form and wait for our confirmation. Two days in advance would be best for us but if you have cabin fever and need to go running "right now" we try our best to arrange your run.


Brno's temperatures range from very cold to very hot throughout the year so don't forget to check the weather forecast beforehand.

Personal belongings

All you need to carry is yourself and your energy. Your running buddy brings a small backpack into which you can put your personal belongings such as room key, wallet, phone etc.