We running. It has been a big part of our lives since we were little, and everywhere we travel our running gear is the first thing to be packed. The good thing about running is that it is not only a source of personal relaxation but also an opportunity for connecting people who share the same passion. We’re excited to meet you, show you around Brno and run together.


I’m Marlena, the girl behind Running Tours Brno. Jan and I are happy to show you Brno on the run! I moved from Germany to Brno 3 years ago and it very quickly became my new home. The city is surrounded by little forests and the mountains are just a short car ride away, plus it has even a park (I kind of have a thing for city parks), so perfect for everybody who likes doing sports in the countryside. Running is what makes me happy, keeps me in balance and allows me to eat all the delicious sweet cakes you find here!


Jan is the guy behind the scenes who does the magic. He developed this website from the ground up, is responsible for its look and feel and makes sure that it runs smoothly. Born to run, he finished his first marathon at the age of 18. He is definitely no early bird but rather prefers the night scenery for long runs while listening to his most favourite song. He's always ready for a travel adventure, gets physics jokes at once and his dream is to own a tiger. If he is not building fancy websites or running, he is drinking beer in one of Brno’s numerous cozy pubs.